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After a full week of working , we all look forward to the weekend.

Why do we look forward to the weekend?  When we are in a work mode, we are in a state of heightened intensity. At a subconscious level, we crave a break from the intensity. We want to unwind and be ourselves. We want to relax.

Most plans for the weekend get set during the week. A game of golf with buddies, watching a movie with family, dinner out with friends, going out for a concert etc.

Weekends can also be very productive while being relaxing. I look to block chunks of time during the weekend for 4 types of activities or tasks..

Learn- Activities that will help me become wiser

  • Meditation
  • Reading Books
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Catching up with news.

Grow- Activities that are connected with my purpose

  • Writing my Blog-post- every day not just during the weekend
  • Planning for the next week
  • Coaching/Mentoring conversations

Experience- Activities that make me joyful

  • Attending concerts
  • Weekend travelling
  • Movie nights with family
  • Eating out & maybe some cooking with my son

Connect- Activities that lead to connection

  • Speaking with Parents/Siblings
  • Connecting with friends
  • Relaxing with family
  • Making business connections

Most weekends, I try and slot activities on these 4 dimensions. It’s not that I was not doing any of these activities before. Its just that I do them mindfully now. I account for my time. I feel like I am more aware, more alive.

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