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Your Future Is In Your Present

Be Present

We never experience our future in the future. We experience the future as the “NOW” when it happens. Our life is always experienced in the present moment. In fact, I would say our future is a series of Time-lapse “Now’s” leading into the future we are looking at.

Dissatisfaction in the present moment will logically lead to more dissatisfaction with the next moment. And the next moment. And the next moment, unless we manage to emotionally flip one of the “now” moments of discontent into a positive state.

Similarly, feeling happy and balanced in the moment will result in a comfortable and pleasant next moment.

Ironically, we determine the future we will experience by the way we operate in the present moment. If we make ourselves miserable in the moment in pursuit of some promised goal that we think will make us happy in the future, it is a pipe dream.

Your future state will always be a cyclical manifestation of your present state. Unless you shift your present moment into something that you want your future to look like.

Imagine you have a goal to deliver a new product to the market in one year. You push people. You make your team and yourself miserable in achieving this goal, and at the end of the year, you manage to launch the new product. From a conventional standpoint, one can say you were successful. However, the negative energy associated with all the present moments leading up to success will impact the quality and experience of success in the future. Something will give- It could be your physical health or emotional wellbeing, relationships, or something else.

I am having a profound realization as I am writing this. Work hard to make the present moment pleasant and happy. That is the only way you make your future happy. If there is something at the moment making you miserable, deal with it the best way you can and move on to flip your next present moment to feel positive.

Our true calling is in aligning our life fully to the present moment.

Your future is actually in the present moment.

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