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The Surgeon And The Mechanic

Surgeon And Mechanic
Perception Is Flawed

When something does not go according to expectation, many often fall into the trap of being defensive and self-righteous without knowing what the real situation is.

“He and I are on the same level. His contribution and results are no more significant than mine. Why should he deserve the promotion?”

“She is not deserving. She happens to fit the diversity agenda. Hence the recognition.”

Instead of accepting reality and moving on, there is a tendency to blame extraneous factors.

When I come across anyone behaving like this, I share a humorous story to remind them about perspective and the fallacy of faulty perception.

A renowned and wealthy heart surgeon and a reasonably wealthy Automobile Mechanic once meet at a social event and get into friendly banter.

Trying to be smart, the erstwhile mechanic and now Garage Owner asks the Surgeon.

” I have been wondering. We both do something similar in our professional jobs. But you are paid so much more than I do. Why is it that?”

Not sure where this is going, the Surgeon asks tentatively, ” I don’t get it. What do you mean?”

“It’s like this. People bring me a broken car and ask me to fix it. I check for what is wrong; I open up the engine, fix the valves, and put it back altogether, so it works as good as new.

Both of us do the same thing basically, don’t we? But you get paid ten to fifteen times more than what I get paid. How do you explain that ?” The mechanic says to the Doctor wittily.

The Surgeon is taken aback at this remark, but he has his wits about him. Smiling gently, he responds, ” Well, I agree. What we both do is similar except for one small difference- Try fixing the problem with the engine running !!

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