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Indifference Can Be Powerful


Indifference can be a superpower in certain situations.

  • Assuming you have the right skills and qualifications, the less desperate you are towards any opportunity, the more you are likely to be courted for that opportunity. I never went out looking out for opportunities, but they came to me anyways. 
  • In a negotiation, the more indifferent you are towards a specific outcome, the more likely you will get a result in your favor. When you don’t show your desperation and are willing to walk out of the deal, you will find the other side ready to engage with you on your terms. 
  • If you want an upper hand in any relationship, you just have to care less than the other person. The more indifferent towards the feelings and opinions of the other person, the more power you will give yourself. 

Give your best shot but be cool with whatever the outcome could be. When you get to this point of indifference, you are practicing detachment. You are not hostage to any end outcome or desire. You will always be more peaceful on the inside when you are detached. 

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