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Share And Learn Better

share and learn better

You learn something new every day whenever you work on something you love (or do what you love).

The learning could happen in multiple ways. It could be something you observed, experienced, or read that made you pause and think, or something you did that worked or did not work.

It is very likely that many others out there in the world may need some help or spark of insight that you are encountering or experiencing in your work or life today.

Now, would it not be nice if you could find the voice to go out and share your learnings so that others can benefit from it?

There may be a voice inside you that might say that what you have to share is not worthy or meaningful enough to share. Don’t worry about that voice because it does not matter. You should share what you learn because it helps you cement your learnings and get better.

To share something, you need to reflect, organize your thoughts, structure your ideas and articulate them in a manner that makes it easy for others to understand. By forcing yourself to write your ideas out from start to finish in simple language, you discover where you struggle … where it doesn’t make sense … where you do not really understand. In this process, you become aware of your own understanding gaps. It is only by identifying your understanding gaps that you can fill them. 

Anyone can make an idea complicated, but only someone who understands can make it simple.

Technology has made it easy for you to share with others. It could be a Linkedin Post, a Youtube Video, or a contribution to your company information site, or it could be on your only blog, the way I am doing.

The medium you choose to share matters less. What matters is that you embrace the opportunity to share and express your thinking consistently and deliberately.

  • If you are a student- share your perspective of what you have learned. 
  • If you are a young executive- share what you have learned on the job so that others can benefit from your learning.
  • If you have read a book- share a summary of your top 5 takeaways.
  • If you are a leader- share your leadership wisdom.
  • If you are in sales – Capture your mistakes and struggles and share how you learnt from your experiences.
  • If you are going through some stress, share about what is causing it for others to learn from.

Share. Share generously, for your own benefit, without worrying about perfection, appreciation, criticism, or any other excuse you may be giving yourself to hold yourself back from the privilege to share.

You will find yourself learning better and growing in your own eyes when you share.

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