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Attributes That Matter


Recently, a friend and former colleague asked me for references of good people I know who might be interested in joining his team. The conversation took an interesting turn as my friend, and I started listing out what both of us considered desirable traits in any prospective hire.

We ended up listing all the following essential and positive attributes in no particular order.

Here’s the interesting thing. None of these characteristics are skills that take years to develop. They are all attributes that anyone can demonstrate without any training. As a result, anyone who shows up with these attributes will always be attractive and visible than those who may have the necessary skills but lack these traits.

Skill building is essential. But these behavioral attributes matter more when determining someone’s career and growth trajectory.

It was for this reason, I had little trouble identifying and sharing with my friend a few references from my list of contacts of those I know who show up with these attributes every day in whatever role they may be in.

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