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A Problem-Solving Tip


Imagine you are at your work desk reading some report when a colleague comes across and wants to take your guidance on dealing with a problem. Of course, you are happy to help him out. So you ask him to share more details with you about the issue, and after listening to the issue, you provide a clear view to him on what he can do to solve the problem.

This is one type of problem-solving where a problem is brought to your attention, and you try to solve it to the best of your ability.

Now there is a second category of problem-solving associated with a different set of problems.

Something at work is not going the way you want it, or someone in the team is not executing something the way you want them to, or some campaign is not delivering good results. You know something is wrong, and it is bothering you. You are anxious or upset.

When you are in this kind of situation, the issue bothering you isn’t the actual problem. The real problem is the sense of bother, irritation, or anxiety you feel about the issue. It paralyzes you. When you let the problem bother you, emotions flood your brain and block your ability to access the problem-solving faculties in your brain.

The way to deal with such problems is to acknowledge that they bother you and ask yourself, ” If this issue did not bother me, how would I handle it?” When you acknowledge your emotions around the problem, it releases that emotional grip on your mind. As a result, your mind is free to think clearly and get into problem-solving mode.

We are naturally efficient at solving problems when we are not in the grip of negative emotions. Conversely, our problem-solving capacity takes a hit when we are in the grip of negative emotions. 

When you delink your emotional state from the problem, you will see solutions coming to mind almost instantly, every single time.

The next time you find yourself in the grip of any issue that is bothering you and holding you back from getting something done, ask yourself this question ” If this issue did not bother me, how would I handle it? You will see the answer that is eluding you. 

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