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Pressure Or Adventure?


This evening, a friend forwarded me a clipping of a vintage interview that someone did with Sourav Ganguly, in which he reflects on a valuable life lesson he learned from Rahul Dravid.

The link to the interview is Here.

Aficionados of cricket, particularly from India, will know Rahul Dravid as the “Wall”- The guy who could stand tall in the face of pressure.

Sourav Ganguly wanted advice from Dravid on how to handle pressure, particularly when the chips are down and the world is looking at you for help or support.

Apparently, Dravid advised Sourav Ganguly to reframe his mindset from seeing the challenging situation as a problem to viewing it as a privilege- an opportunity to serve and contribute. When we view something as an opportunity, our subconscious helps us deal with the problem in a more positive way rather than becoming frustrated and stressed.

A big part of how we feel about an issue has to do with how we frame it. When we frame a challenge as an opportunity, we approach it with a sense of adventure instead of fear, pressure and stress!!

A mental model all of us, can do well to inculcate!!

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