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Acheivement & Contribution


A reader recently contacted me, curious about the motivation behind my daily writing habit. Instead of addressing this question directly, I want to offer a perspective on achievement and contribution and how they have shaped my journey.

In our quest for a meaningful life, we often prioritize personal achievements. We invest our time and energy into overcoming obstacles, pursuing success, and relishing in the fulfillment, pride, and validation that come with accomplishments. However, as time passes, we yearn for a deeper purpose beyond mere accolades and material gains. We crave a connection and meaning that extend beyond our aspirations.

I, too, felt the desire for fulfillment and a sense of purpose beyond my work. So I sought a way to move beyond self-centeredness and contribute to something larger than myself. That’s when I began my blog and committed to writing every day. Through my writing, I’ve discovered a means to share insights, knowledge, and perspectives that resonate with others, inspiring them and igniting positive change. My blog has become a platform that allows me to uplift, connect, and genuinely make a difference in the lives of my readers. It is my way of contributing.

If there’s one message I want to convey to my readers, it is this:

While achievements offer fulfillment, we find meaning in what we do through our contributions.

Contributions arise from selflessness, fuelled by an authentic desire to impact others and the world around us positively. They encompass acts of kindness, compassion, and service. Contributions can take various forms, such as volunteering, mentoring, philanthropy, or creating art that inspires and uplifts others. In my case, it is the act of writing every day.

When we contribute meaningfully, we connect with a purpose greater than ourselves. It grants us a sense of fulfillment and meaning that surpasses the fleeting emotions derived from personal achievement and success.

To lead a truly fulfilling life, we must strive for a balance between achievements and contributions. While we pursue our personal goals, let us also seek opportunities to uplift others and make a positive impact. By sharing our talents, skills, and resources with those in need, we discover a profound sense of purpose and meaning that transcends individual achievements.

Writing every day is a powerful means of contribution that allows me to connect, inspire, and make a genuine difference in the world.

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