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Want To Vs Have To Goals

Want to goals

Are you currently facing challenges in achieving some goals?

If you find yourself struggling to make progress on your goals, there may be an underlying reason behind it. It could be that your goals are what a 2106 motivational Research calls, ‘Have-to” goals. These are goals that make you feel like you “have- to” do something, and they tend to arise from external pressure or obligations.

have to work over the weekend, or I have to go to the gym, or I have to watch what I am eating, etc. 

On the other hand, there are “Want-to” goals, which stem from our intrinsic desires and motivations. 

want to get ahead in my career; therefore, I will put in discretionary effort.

want to keep fit and, therefore, I will go to the gym even if I don’t feel like it.

want to lose weight, and therefore I will keep control over what I eat.

Individuals who set want to goals are more adept at resisting temptations and distractions to achieve what they aspire to. The inherent pleasure associated with achieving want-to goals serves as a driving force.

The Big Takeaway-By shifting your focus towards the intrinsic rewards of your actions rather than the external pressures or obligations, you can enhance your motivation and increase your chances of successfully attaining your goals.

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