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A Day Of Prayer

A dear friend much younger to me, has been hospitalised a couple of days back in a critical condition and she is battling for her life, as I write this post.

I just got to know of this news this morning.

My heart goes out in prayer seeking the energy of all divine sources to help her heal and recover.

When I hear such news about dear ones, I can only remind myself about the fragility of our life.

We are all just a small speck in this cosmos, but our ego creates the illusion that we are actually the centre of the universe.

Our thoughts, our emotions are all geared to serve this self image we have of ourselves and somehow through the process, we get lost in our ego and lose connection with who we really are until one fine day we are just stardust.

I am reminding myself that life is just to be experienced.

  • Live in the moment and not in your thoughts. Don’t dwell on what has happened or what is likely to happen.
  • Choose kindness over being right
  • Appreciate the blessing of being alive and healthy.
  • Don’t bother with petty emotions. They just don’t matter
  • Don’t be crazy busy. Create space for yourself. Take care of yourself.

There is no way to let go of the dull pain of knowing the battle my friend is fighting. I guess that is the irony of living in the present.

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