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Month: April 2023

Weekend Story- Everything Within Your Power

everything within your power

A man and his 10-year-old son were hiking through the forest trails when they encountered a fallen tree blocking their path. The boy asked his father if he could move the tree and clear the way. The father smiled enigmatically Read more…

I Messed Up

i messed up

People make mistakes all the time. The problem doesn’t lie in making a mistake but in trying to conceal it, hoping it won’t be discovered. Unfortunately, hiding mistakes complicates situations and leads to negative consequences. Sooner or later, mistakes will Read more…

Diderot Effect

Didero effect

During my last weekend reading, I came across an idea called the Diderot Effect. It’s a fascinating phenomenon that gets its name from the French philosopher Denis Diderot. The story goes that in 1765, Diderot, who had a simple and Read more…

No One Cares Until You Show Results

no one cares

“My team was struggling with a problem, and I knew what we could do to deal with the problem. No one took me seriously. It was as if my opinion did not matter”,  my mentee wistfully lamented to me during a Read more…

The Value Of Timing And Context

Timing and context

In 2007, The Washington Post conducted a fascinating social experiment that sparked much discussion. They enlisted the services of renowned violinist Joshua Bell to play his violin in a busy Washington D.C. subway station during the morning rush hour. Bell Read more…

Speak Your Mind

speak your mind

Fear often drives our behavior when engaging with new relationships, especially when we have expectations tied to the interaction. Whether selling a product, interviewing for a job, courting a partner, or delivering bad news, we tend to hold back and Read more…

Five Laws Of Giving

five laws of giving

Can we all adopt some laws and principles to create a successful and fulfilling life and career? I got an answer to this question when I recently read “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann. The book presents a Read more…

Weekend Story-Bullseye


Antipater, a revered Greek general and diplomat, once gathered a group of skilled archers and challenged them to a riddle. He showed them a bullseye and asked them, “Can you describe what you see ?” Most of the archers responded Read more…

Planning And Doing

planning and doing

Planning and doing are two distinct modes of operation. Planning involves developing clarity about the goals of a task and devising an approach to execute it. When you plan, you visualize the actions and outcomes. Doing, on the other hand, Read more…



What is the role of money in our lives? When I was young and impressionable, I used to think that the purpose of money was to help me acquire assets- Buying a big house, a car, an experience like a Read more…