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Five Keys To Happiness

Last week I came across an interview that Jeff Weiner, the founder of Linkedin, gave to New York Times in which he mentions five keys of happiness that one of his mentors Ray Chambers shared with him. 

The 5 points are self-evident without the need for any elaboration. 

  1. Live in the moment
  2. It’s better to be loving than to be right
  3. Be a spectator to your thoughts
  4. Be grateful for at least one thing every day
  5. Help others every chance you get

None of the five points that Ray has put out are easy to live by. But they are worthy principles that are worth aspiring for every day. Great leaders leave clues for others to pick up about how to live a good life. The big clue is this-We don’t have to depend on anything external for our happiness. It is within us. Our internal happiness is like a plant that we nurture and grow everyday . We just have to water it everyday with the right thoughts and actions.

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