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Month: November 2021

Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligence

A Human Emotion is a mental state that arises spontaneously in every human being without any conscious effort and often comes with some physiological change. Emotions are also subjective.   What triggers emotions in you will be different from what triggers emotions Read more…

It’s All In How We Judge Something Or Someone

How We Judge

It’s not people, things, or circumstances that upset us, but how we think about them. Stuff always happens. We then make judgments in our heads about what happens. For example, if we judge something awful has occurred, we might get Read more…

Be A Professional

Be A Professional

You can’t grow professionally if you don’t grow personally- this is one of my core life mantras. Any growth you wish to see in your professional realm can happen if you focus on growing as a person first. I believe that Read more…

A Zen Story

Zen Story

The Obaku-San Temple in Kyoto, Japan, features a wooden carving right at the top of the entrance that reads, “The First Principle.”  This 200-year-old carving, a creation of Master Kosen, features large, unusually detailed letters that many consider a masterpiece Read more…

Self Determination Theory

Self Determination Theory

One of my mentees has recently become a first-time manager, leading a five member team. He reached out to me seeking advice on what he must focus on to be a good leader/manager. Instead of answering the question straight away, Read more…

Confucian Wisdom

Confucian Wisdom

I first got introduced to Confucian wisdom when one of my mentors quoted him while giving me feedback about having a sense of direction and presence. That quote is permanently etched in my memory – ” to know where you are Read more…

Coach Yourself To Deal With Your Ruminations


We all have this unfortunate tendency to keep ruminating about upsetting and distressing things, and we do it in entirely unproductive ways. “I have so much work to do.”” I am so stressed. My research work is not moving well.”“Why Read more…

Inspiration Strikes When Your Mind Is Free

Inspiration Strikes

Isaac Newton was on a leisure walk in Cambridge when he noticed an apple falling. Seeing this from a distance triggered a flash of inspiration that led him to formulate the laws of gravity. Archimedes, the Greek polymath, was taking Read more…

True Wisdom

True Wisdom

People in ancient Greece believed that the Oracle of Delphi, Pythia was the voice of the Apollo, the god of archery, music and dance, truth, and prophecy. Once, someone approached the Oracle Pythia and wanted to know who was the Read more…

Your Reputation Is In Your Actions

your reputation is in your actions

You say you are an honest person. Yet, you conveniently lie when you are caught in a pickle, even if it is just a white lie. You say you want to control your diet and lose weight. Yet, when you Read more…