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Who Is On Your Board

Big Corporates and Start-ups alike all have a Board to help the CEO or the Founder run the institution.

Having a strong Board of Directors- Leaders with pedigree and a track record of success and experience- is super valuable for the CEO/Founder, as they can help with a range of issues that are relevant to the organisation. These Directors bring in different perspectives that help and guide the CEO/Founder run the organisation efficiently. They also act as the guard rails, that keep the Founder/CEO true to mission and objectives of the company.

We are all CEO’s and Founders of our own life. We have a Vision for our life and a set of goals and objectives that help us live our best life.

Just like the Institutions have a board to support the CEO/Founder, we can also benefit from having a Personal Board to manage our life in the most efficient manner.

We need a support system not just of friends and family but also professional mentors and guides who help navigate the different facets of our life- managing career, personal development,financial affairs, dealing with issues, etc.

I am fortunate to have the support and trust of a range of amazing individuals who are a part of my Personal board and  rooting for my personal and professional growth, as well as my success. They are aware of my life goals and they don’t molly coddle me.

They challenge me, they question me , they prod me if I veer off course in any way, all with an intention to help me play at my best.

So, who is on your Board?

  • Who is keeping you true to your own goals?
  • Who is helping you deal with your blind spots?
  • Who is guiding you to manage your life in the most efficient manner.
  • Who is helping you deal with your issues, advising you for your own go

Take time to cultivate the right set of people to be on your Board. You are after all an amazing life and you deserve only the best to help you in your life journey

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