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Month: December 2021

My 21 Rules Of Life To Guide Me In 2022

21 Rules of life

In 2020, I wrote about the Ten Rules Of My Life- a manifesto of the important values I use as a GPS to live my best life. As I keep taking in new experiences, new people, new conversations, and new Read more…

Get Good At Being Lucky


Most people would tend to think that luck has a lot to do with chance, much like rolling dice. We all know those lucky people around us. The cousin who wins the lucky draw raffle, the friend who always seems Read more…

Experience Joy In Small Things !!


As I was easing into my day this morning, my wife wanted me to see a video she came across while scrolling through her social feed. This is the link to the video. The video shows a baby being given a Read more…

How’s Your Soft Power?

soft power

We commonly encounter situations where we have to influence others to take some course of action that we desire. How well we get people to do what we want depends on two types of power we exhibit in different settings- Read more…

Keep The Journey Pleasant

journey of life

Imagine there are two kids. One is a cheerful kid who studies hard and approaches exams in an easy, pleasant manner without obsessing about the results.  The second kid is very hardworking but a worrier, obsessed with getting the highest Read more…

A Happiness Story

Happiness Story

This is a story of a wealthy merchant’s pursuit of happiness.  A long time ago, a very wealthy Merchant lived in a luxurious mansion served by dozens of servants. He had all the comforts that his wealth could buy, but Read more…

Mark Twain’s Wit and Wisdom

Mark Twain

I recently came across a book of quotes by writers of the 19th century. In this book there was one section that had some very witty yet wise quotes by Mark Twain.     Most of us know of Mark Twain Read more…

Be Aware Of The Law Of Conformity

Law of conformity

If you hang out with five drug users regularly, very likely you will end up being the sixth drug user very soon. In contrast, if you spend time with five high achievers regularly, you will likely evolve into the sixth Read more…

Look Out For Your Type 2 Errors

Type 2 Errors

In statistics, there are two types of errors. Type 1 Error: False Positive. E.g., someone does not have any disease, but a medical report falsely indicates some condition. A Type 1 error is an error of commission—something you do wrong. Read more…

Pressure Vs Stress

Pressure and Stress

This evening, I had an interesting realization after a hectic and pressure-filled day with a few challenging situations needing my attention. The world around us constantly makes demands on our time, focus, energy, and skills. We feel pressure when we Read more…