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Month: October 2021

Don’t Be An Ostrich

Don't be an ostrich

“Don’t be an ostrich.” When faced with a danger of any sort, it is said that ostriches instinctively bury their heads in the sand, hoping that the trouble will pass them by. But, of course, the truth is that Ostriches Read more…

Be Happy With Yourself First

happy relationships

Your relationships with others will be happy and positive only when your relationship with yourself is happy and positive. Many of us suffer from a lot of emotional insecurities and traumas that we then try to cover up through the Read more…


say YES

I say luck is when opportunity meets preparation. However, for luck to manifest in my life, something else needs to be in place-My willingness to say YES when that opportunity stares at me.  Eric Schmidt, the erstwhile CEO and Chairman Read more…

You Discover Yourself In Your Difficulties

discover yourself

Our Problems and challenges are paradoxically our gateways to becoming more evolved and mature in our life. When our sense of life is pleasant, we are not naturally motivated to invest our time in finding the deeper essence of who Read more…

Be Intense


How much you learn from any situation is a function of your commitment and intensity. When you do something with your total commitment, you are always fully engaged, paying attention to everything happening around you. You are fully present and Read more…

You Are Relaxed When You Are In Service Of Others

Service Of Others

There are days when I feel distracted, and my mind is scattered all over the place. As a result, I struggle to focus or concentrate, feeling overwhelmed. Looking back, I have noticed a common pattern in all those moments. There Read more…

Don’t Grow Out Of Your Creativity


There was a little girl in a drawing class who was drawing something very intently. The teacher was fascinated. She went to the kid and asked her, “What are you drawing?” The small girl said, “I am drawing a picture Read more…

Five Powerful Questions You Must Ask Yourself

Powerful Questions

More than the answers, it is always the question that enlightens us more. The right question at the right time can totally change your perspective and the choices you make in life. I enjoy reading Stoic philosophy. Asking yourself questions Read more…

Beware Of The Dunning Kruger Effect

Dunning Kruger Effect

A few days back, I wrote about the Paradox of Knowledge. The more knowledgeable you become about something, the more you realize the extent of your ignorance in that domain. In contrast to the paradox of knowledge, another concept in Read more…

Six Leadership Traits

leadership traits

I recently caught up with a young friend who is between jobs. He is moving into a senior management role with a regional mandate. He wanted some guidance and what he should do to be an effective leader. Having worked Read more…