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Month: October 2021

Five Powerful Questions You Must Ask Yourself

Powerful Questions

More than the answers, it is always the question that enlightens us more. The right question at the right time can totally change your perspective and the choices you make in life. I enjoy reading Stoic philosophy. Asking yourself questions Read more…

Beware Of The Dunning Kruger Effect

Dunning Kruger Effect

A few days back, I wrote about the Paradox of Knowledge. The more knowledgeable you become about something, the more you realize the extent of your ignorance in that domain. In contrast to the paradox of knowledge, another concept in Read more…

Six Leadership Traits

leadership traits

I recently caught up with a young friend who is between jobs. He is moving into a senior management role with a regional mandate. He wanted some guidance and what he should do to be an effective leader. Having worked Read more…



For anyone in a leadership role responsible for managing and supporting a team, here is a quote by Antoine De Saint, a French adventurer and writer, that can work as a guiding principle for what good Leadership can be. If Read more…

Mimetic Theory- An Insight Into Our Desires

Mimetic Theory

We all know that life is lived by making choices. Where to work, what to study, which city to live in, whom to marry, what car or house to buy, which stocks to invest in, etc. The question is – Read more…

The Secret To A Good Career

Good Career

You can think of your career as a series of experiences you encounter in your professional life. When you envision the kinds of experiences you want and work to attain them, you are actively managing your career. In contrast, if Read more…

Paths Are Created When You Walk First


You never discover a new place when you tread the beaten path. When you are new to any pursuit, you look for the comfort of the existing landmarks. Because they inform you about the lie of the land, and they Read more…

Indifference Can Be Powerful


Indifference can be a superpower in certain situations. Assuming you have the right skills and qualifications, the less desperate you are towards any opportunity, the more you are likely to be courted for that opportunity. I never went out looking Read more…

Pause, Reflect And Act

Emotional Maturity

Your Emotional maturity stems from your ability to increase the gap between your emotional impulse and your action. The more you can distance your responses from your emotional impulses, the more mature you are. Unfortunately, your emotional maturity is not Read more…

The Incredible Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is an incredible person. He was born with no limbs- no arms, no legs. As he grew up, seeing what he did not have, he was depressed and, at one point, contemplated suicide. However, thanks to his parents’ Read more…