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Don’t Be A Banyan Tree

Banyan tree

Long back, when I was a first-time manager and a leader, I struggled with one specific challenge. If there was something important, I would do the critical parts of the task on my own, without delegating. My constant worry was Read more…

Weekend Story-David & Goliath Retold

David Goliath

David was a small boy who one day decided to take on the giant Goliath in a one-on-one duel. He had only a slingshot and five stones as weapons, and he was ready to go to battle against a fierce Read more…

Match Action With Intention

action intention

Pablo Picasso is supposed to have said this- What one does is what counts, not what what one had the intention of doing. How true!! We all intend to do a lot of things. Unfortunately, intention and action are very Read more…

Pressure Or Adventure?


This evening, a friend forwarded me a clipping of a vintage interview that someone did with Sourav Ganguly, in which he reflects on a valuable life lesson he learned from Rahul Dravid. The link to the interview is Here. Aficionados of Read more…


13 things mentally strong people don't do

Sharing an extract from the Book by the same Title, Thirteen Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, authored by the famed psychologist Amy Morin.  The list is hard-hitting and powerful. Take a print-out and pin it on your soft board. 13 Read more…

Go The Extra Mile

Go the extra mile

One of the simple secrets of growing fast and consistently in the workplace is to always do more than what your job description requires you to do and what you are paid for. If you do that, you will always Read more…

What Must I Focus On?

What to focus on

Many of us struggle to answer the question, “What should I focus on?”. There is no end to the things that need our attention and focus. I have a simple mental model that helps me intuitively choose what to focus Read more…

Avoid The Comfort Of Being Average

Avoid Being Average

Many of us have a natural tendency to focus on what we are comfortable doing and avoid anything that feels difficult and uncomfortable. This attitude is particularly true in workplaces. People tend to play safe, shying away from anything that Read more…

Weekend Story- The Glass And The Lake

Glass and lake

An unhappy young lady once went to a wise old master seeking guidance to be happier. Pointing to a can of salt on the table, the wise master asked the unhappy young lady to pick up a fistful of salt Read more…

Are You Intellectually Humble?

intellectually humble

If someone were to ask me this question, my instinctive reaction would always be, “no way, I am intellectually humble,” whatever that may mean. The truth would be different if someone else were asked to comment about my intellectual demeanor. Read more…