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Friday Wisdom-Secret To Great Relationships


Sharing via James Clear’s Blog. Your relationships will rarely be healthier than your self-esteem. If the time you spend alone is already enjoyable to some degree—that is, if you have a healthy internal monologue and generally feel good about yourself—then Read more…

Focus On Yourself

focus on yourself

I am in Singapore presently. A curious incident occurred this morning, while I waited in the hotel lobby for the taxi to arrive. A group of tourists standing nearby were engaged in an animated conversation, their whispers clearly audible. They Read more…

Eight Competencies For The Workplace


In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving work landscape, I believe it’s crucial for us to cultivate these eight specific competencies to help us operate productively and effectively. 

Leading Vs Managing


The mindset with which you approach any task or opportunity determines the outcomes you produce. If you choose to manage a task, it’s pretty safe. As the person managing the job, you report. You report on what’s happening, you chronicle the results, Read more…

The Orange Metaphor

Orange metaphor

Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of the prominent leadership gurus, often used the metaphor of the orange to convey a profound message about human behavior and personal responsibility. Here’s how he would relate the story: “Imagine you’re holding an orange in Read more…

Weekend Story-Take Care Of Yourself First

Take Care of yourself

In a bustling village, there lived a solitary cobbler. He was the go-to person for delivering and repairing footwear for the entire town. His dedication to mending the shoes of others was unwavering, but amidst this tireless commitment, he neglected Read more…

Seek Feedback


We say ‘practice makes a man perfect,’ but relying solely on practice is never enough. In many business settings, we often encounter individuals who have devoted considerable time to a particular domain but struggle to excel. If practice were the Read more…

Intentions Vs Actions

Our intentions always operate to a higher standard. I want to be healthy. I will to be happy. I am ready to help the person. I will review my plans every week. I will not lose my composure. I will Read more…

Focus On The Fun Part

Fun Part

A brilliant idea about focusing on the right thing when doing something hard- Sharing via James Clear’s Blog “When you’re doing something hard, focus on the fun part. Many people make a subtle mistake, which is they emphasize how difficult Read more…

I Can Be Better


This evening, on my LinkedIn feed, I came across two powerful quotes on leadership that shook me up a little. I was shaken because I mentally checked where I stood from the point of view of these two quotes. I Read more…