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Month: July 2023

Weekend Story-The Lone Oak

lone oak

Amidst the chaos and bustle of a small town, a lone Oak found root in a barren piece of land. Over the years, it grew from a small plant to a towering oak. It faced the storms and scorching sun Read more…

‘My Work’ Or ‘Their Work’?

My work

We all express ourselves through our work. Musicians express themselves through their music, coders through the code they write, leaders through their actions, and writers through their words. The work you do is your statement. It carries your stamp, telling Read more…

Friday Wisdom

Shi Heng YI

There are two mistakes along the way to Self-Mastery: Not starting it and not going all the way.  Freedom goes hand in hand with your ability to restrict yourself. It’s not important what you mean by your words. It’s important Read more…

Your Attitude Is What Matters

Attitude matters

We want to be better at solving problems and dealing with issues. This is always our intention. But to follow through on our intention, we all require the right attitude. You want answers to a pressing problem. What you require Read more…

Quit Or Perservere?

quit or persevere

I am not at all happy in my current job. Should I persevere or quit?  I am not happy in this relationship. Should I give it more time, or should I move out? I am not happy with the degree Read more…

Clear Or Not Clear?

clear or not clear

People get to where they want to go because they know where they want to go. Many are unsure about where they want to go in life, and therefore, they go where chance takes them. Either of the approaches is Read more…

Fail Forward

Fail Forward

We can experience failure in many ways. You weren’t paying enough attention, and oops, something went terribly wrong. Or maybe you didn’t put in your best effort and failed. Then there’s that tough one when you’re in a competitive field, Read more…

Weekend Story-Knowledge And Wisdom

knowledge and wisdom

A young man once approached Socrates and asked the philosopher how he could acquire wisdom and knowledge. “Follow me,” Socrates said in response as he led the young man down to the lake. When they arrived at the shore, Socrates Read more…

Be Comfortable With Who You Are

Be comfortable

Many of us spend a lifetime trying to become someone else, because we think or someone told us that some other version is better. Forget it. Be yourself and be comfortable with who you are. You can achieve any excellence Read more…

Friday Wisdom- Be Comfortable With Your Fears

Be comfortable with fears

I saw the latest edition of Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 a few days back. What an incredible visual spectacle the movie was, with some breathtaking stunts executed by Tom Cruise. The biggest of the stunts was him Read more…