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Month: June 2023

Mastering Our Inner World

Inner World

The quality of life we experience depends on the quality of our emotions. I may have all the wealth I desire, but if my everyday emotions are all about being frustrated and stressed, I am not a wealthy person; I Read more…

Leverage Your Strengths

leverage your strengths

In school, you are graded on every test—even if it’s your weakest subject. In life, you can choose the tests you take—even if they always play to your strengths. Maintain a baseline so your weak areas don’t hold you back, Read more…

Face Reality


Many of us don’t want to get onto the weighing scale because we worry that we have added weight. So we avoid tracking our weight, convincing ourselves that the situation is not very grave. We refrain from tracking how we Read more…

Aim Higher When You Fall Short

aim higher

Imagine having a goal and falling short despite your best efforts. How do we typically respond? We often become defensive about the goal itself. The inability to achieve our ambitious goal makes us uncomfortable, leading us to lower our expectations Read more…

Weekend Story- Fire & Water

Fire and Water

In the fourth century B.C., hidden within the state of Lu, lay the district over which Duke Chuang governed. The district, though small, had prospered exceedingly well under Chuang’s predecessor. But since Chuang’s appointment to the post, its affairs had Read more…

Life Lesson From The Baby Giraffe

Baby Giraffe

I’m currently in Kenya, and I got to spend my Saturday at the Hells Gate National Park. As we were driving through the park, we got to sight a lot of giraffes, big and small. Our tour guide, Charles, pointing Read more…

Be Intentional


What is my intention here? What do I want? Being clear about what you want out of any situation isn’t something that happens on its own. Clarity is something you have to seek. You can only find clarity and gain Read more…

Leadership Wisdom

leadership wisdom

You get the behaviors you are willing to tolerate. If you rank your team by performance level, your lowest performer is a public statement of the performance level you are willing to tolerate. That is what your team sees as Read more…

Keep Track Of Your SAY/DO Ratio


One of the vital attributes that helps one build trust in the workplace is reliability. We all know those dependable individuals we rely on to confidently complete their assigned tasks.. Reliable people exhibit a high SAY/DO ratio. This is the Read more…

Actions Matter More

Actions matter more

While we judge ourselves by our intentions, others judge us by our actions. So what is important is the actions you take. Good intentions are worthless unless they lead to good actions !!