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Month: March 2022

You Need To Believe


To be successful at anything, you first need to believe that what you desire is achievable. In many organizations, goals are typically set up top-down, and people who have the goals cascaded to them often take them on without believing in the Read more…

A Decision Making Heuristic

decision making heuristic

A few weeks back, my younger son reminded me eloquently – ” dad, the advice you give others is what you need to take for yourself, if you are willing to listen.” I was stunned when he said this. The situation Read more…

Invest In Yourself

invest in yourself

You don’t need anyone’s permission or support to grow. Over the years, I have seen many people who assume that it is the employer’s or HR’s job to help them grow. When it comes to sharpening their skills or acquiring Read more…

Get Lucky

get lucky

I am sure many of us have people we know in our circles who are very lucky- They seem to have all the luck in terms of getting head-hunted for great roles, winning raffle prizes, qualifying for lucky draws. We Read more…

Weekend Story- The Two Seeds

Two Seeds

A farmer once planted two seeds on two sides of the farm. The first seed, brimming with enthusiasm, said- “I want to grow!! I want to spread my roots deep into the soil beneath to soak in the nutrition. I Read more…

A Powerful Way To Add Value-Taking Initiative


In 2017, Seth Godin wrote a brilliant Blog titled Three ways to add value. I am reproducing below the Blog. ===================== “Tasks, decisions, and initiation… Doing, choosing, and starting… Each of the three adds value, but one is more prized than Read more…

Practice Failing

Practice Failing

I have often written about the value failure has in our lives. Whenever we encounter setbacks and failures, we learn valuable lessons. But unfortunately, most of us don’t like failing because we fear the consequences. Therefore, we avoid situations that Read more…

Language Of Winning Teams

Winning teams

I am in Bangalore right now. I came here about a week back and had the privilege to attend a three-day offsite with the extended management team. The offsite was facilitated by a coach who put us through the rigors Read more…

Substance Over Style

Substance over style

We live in a world where everyone needs to engage and communicate with everyone else actively. People working in teams, working on projects, or dealing with clients, have the burden to inspire, transfer knowledge, deal with issues, and manage expectations. Read more…

Wisdom On The Idea Of Learning

Idea of learning

I love collecting quotes. They succinctly capture the wisdom of great thinkers in just a few words. Quotes have a special place on this blog and every month, I share a thematic compilation of quotes that inspire and put things Read more…