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Month: May 2022

Nothing Fails Like Success


It is said that nothing fails like success. We do something in a certain way. It works, and we experience success. We think- ” this is how it needs to be done if we have to succeed,” and we do Read more…

Everyday Leadership

Everyday Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader, and what does it take to be a leader? If you want to get a completely different perspective of what leadership means in our everyday life, take six minutes out to listen Read more…

Weekend Story-The Two Brothers

Two Brothers

This is a story about two brothers. One of the brothers was a drug addict and a drunkard who had a history of being violent. The other was a successful businessman who had a wonderful family and was respected in Read more…

Twelve Thoughts For The Weekend

Twelve Thoughts

Here is a collection of Twelve wonderful thoughts that I have gathered in the last fortnight. Enjoy them. When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be Lao Tzu Change happens when the pain of Read more…

Learn By Doing

learn by doing

This afternoon I was in a conversation with a colleague about what is the best way to learn. This conversation was in the context of the technology domain both of us were in, where there is so much change and Read more…

Be Wary Of Your First Impressions

First Impressions

A few days back, a young friend of mine made a flippant remark about someone. “There was something about that person-Something about her tone of voice, approach, and attitude that put me off completely. I felt an immediate sense of Read more…

Listen With Intent


Every few months, I gravitate to writing about one recurring theme- Listening- to remind myself to keep working at becoming a better listener. Often, we mistakenly equate communication with talking. But “not talking,” listening is as critical if not a Read more…

All Problems Are A Manifestation Of Their Root Causes.

Root Cause

If you want to be good at solving problems, you need to be good at getting to the root of issues.  Since most things are done or not done because someone decides to do it a certain way, we can Read more…

Are You A Perfectionist?


“How does one deal with a Perfectionist?” A colleague asked me recently. Without knowing the full context, I couldn’t share a cookie-cutter view of how one could deal with a perfectionist. But I provided my colleague with a few perspectives Read more…

Weekend Story- The Frog, The Bird And The Well

The Frog And The Bird

There once was a frog that lived in a well. In the dank confines of the well, Insects were ever-abundant, so the frog never went hungry. Cool, clear water was always available, and therefore the frog also never went thirsty. Read more…