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Month: March 2023

Give Your Best

Give your best

Here are ten inspiring messages from my book of quotes that remind me to give my best, everyday. While I love all of them, the ones in bold, I love a lot !!

6 Powerful Principles Of Persuasion

6 principles of persuasion

Whenever I get some free time, I follow a few leadership blogs to look for new perspectives and insights that challenge me to think better and help me become better.  I recently came across this brilliant advice from one of Read more…

Think Like The Bronze Medallist

Bronze Medallist

In 1995, researchers from Cornell University published the results of a path-breaking social study they conducted on Olympic champions. The researchers interviewed Olympic medallists to assess their personal satisfaction and happiness levels given their success at the altar of sporting Read more…

Uphill Aspirations Vs Downhill Habits

uphill habits

The celebrated author, speaker, and leadership coach John Maxwell often talks about uphill and downhill habits. Everything worthwhile in life-everything we want, everything we desire to achieve, everything we want to receive- is uphill. Unfortunately, the problem is that most Read more…

Know Yourself

know Yourself

Self-ignorance can be a massive obstacle to a meaningful life. It’s important to take the time to get to know yourself, your dreams, your desires, your fears, and your limitations, even if it means facing up to uncomfortable truths about Read more…

Become A Generative Leader


Want to experience more success and fulfillment in your career? Here is a simple mantra to adopt-Contribute to the growth and development of others. Personal accomplishment can take all of us some way down the road to success, but it’s Read more…

Weekend Story-Time


When asked what the biggest mistake we make in life is, the Buddha replied, The biggest mistake we make is that we think we have time. Time is free, but it is priceless. You can’t own it, but you can Read more…

Small Habits Compound

Habits compound

Sharing this brilliant nugget via James Clear’s Blogpost The secret to getting results that last is to never stop making improvements. It is remarkable what you can build if you just don’t stop. It’s remarkable the business you can build Read more…

3 Factors Of An Ideal Life

ideal life

Last weekend, I was catching up with a childhood buddy in the US, and we exchanged notes about all the recent developments in our respective lives. As we got discussing, my friend popped a question for me- At the age Read more…

Focus On The Path

focus on the path

Here is a simple tip to get better at problem-solving. Focus on the path, don’t focus on the obstacle. All too often, when we encounter a problem, our instinctive reaction is to focus on the negative. As a result, our Read more…