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Month: August 2021

Don’t Beat Around The Bush When Asking A Favor


I recently needed some help from an acquaintance with whom I had not been in touch for a couple of years. My message to him went like this. “Hey Friend, I Hope my message catches you well. I am sure Read more…

Luck Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity


Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. This is one of my core life mantras and one that I seek to instill in my kids and my mentees. You should always deal with life as if there is an opportunity waiting Read more…

A Small Story About A Funny Joke

Funny Joke

A funny but wise man went on to the stage and told a funny joke to the assembled crowd. Everyone in the audience roared in laughter. After the laughter had subsided, the funny man repeated the same joke with the Read more…

Focus On the Gain, Not The Gap

The Gap And The Gain

When it comes to Goals, there are two ways you can track yourself on how you are doing. The First approach is where you measure and track how far off you are from your goal. Here, you track the “Gap” Read more…

Grow Beyond The Image


When you are in a relationship with someone, you form an image of that person in your mind. For some time, the person’s actions and the image of the person you have in your head are in synch. Over time, Read more…

You Can’t Do Meaningful Work If You Are Too Busy

Meaningful work

Many years back, when I was in a corporate setting, my calendar used to be completely loaded a couple of weeks in advance. Business reviews with teams, scheduled management forums, administrative tasks to be completed, business planning to be done- Read more…

Five Components Of A Good Life

good life

I was in a coaching conversation with a friend recently. After the session had ended, we were having a freewheeling chat about what makes for a good life. I shared my view of what makes for a good life. Physical Read more…

Move from ‘have to’ to ‘get to’

Get To

There are a few tasks I don’t particularly appreciate doing both at work and on the personal front. At the workplace, it could be dealing with administrative stuff, and on the personal front, it could be in things like filing Read more…

A Subtractive Approach Is Sometimes Better


In my weekend reading, I came across a scientific study featured on the cover of the April 8 issue of the journal Nature that presents a compelling idea about the importance of subtraction in our daily lives. The core idea of this scientific Read more…

We Can See At Three Levels


About a decade back, I came across a concept that completely changed how I viewed my life. The concept was actually this simple statement. You can only see that which is apart from you. While the statement in itself feels Read more…