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Month: October 2023

Appeal To The Values

Appeal to values

When my younger son was around 6, a friend came over for a playdate. While working in my room, I overheard some bickering from my son’s room. “Can I have a turn playing with your Bakugan?” the friend asked. “I’m Read more…

Focus On The Doing

focus on the doing

When we get too caught up in our goals and keep getting overwhelmed by the magnitude and distance to cover, we end up being less effective. The anxiety of not achieving what we want actually kills our creativity. You start Read more…

Weekend Story-It’s A Matter Of Perception


Rosemary constantly nagged her husband for not being romantic. She accused him of not being chivalrous and romantic enough to open the car’s door for her as her friend Jane’s husband did whenever he dropped her off at work. What Read more…

Paradox Of Value

paradox of value

Today, the business landscape is abuzz with the mantra of ‘Delivering Value.’ Organizations are tirelessly seeking ways to enhance the value they provide, evaluating their people based on their value contribution. In the quest to deliver greater value to customers, Read more…

Purpose is Key


Having a solid purpose is key. It’s what gets smart people onboard and excited about your agenda or project. Without it’s magnetic pull, you can’t expect their best efforts. Clarity in purpose does more than just motivate—it helps everyone sync Read more…

Criticize The Work, Not The Worker

Criticize the work

Criticize the work, not the worker. This is easy to say but, unsurprisingly, very difficult to do. From when we were kids, criticism has been personalized for all of us. Why did you do this wrong thing? Why did you Read more…

Ego-The Enemy Of Our Creativity

Ego Creativity

When it comes to creativity, ego can be a real roadblock. The truth is, you’re most creative when you do things just because they bring you joy and fulfillment. It’s all about finding value in what you do for yourself, Read more…

High Or Low Expectations?

high expectations

It’s fascinating how our expectations can significantly influence the outcomes we experience. When we set the bar low, it’s almost as if we’re inviting less than stellar results. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. Unconsciously, we tend to hold back and Read more…

You Matter

you matter

I am an ardent follower of Seth Godin. His daily blog and all his Books are a constant source of inspiration. Remarkably, he’s been sharing his wisdom through daily blogs for over two decades, setting a standard I hope to Read more…

Weekend Story- Memento Mori

Momento Mori

In the heart of ancient Rome, amidst marble columns and bustling crowds, lived a man named Lucius, a merchant of fine fabrics and exquisite jewels. His days were a whirlwind of commerce and negotiation, his mind constantly occupied with the Read more…