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The Math Of Our Life


There was once a beautiful, wealthy lady who went to a happiness counselor. She felt her life was empty and had no meaning.

The counselor patiently heard her out and then called out an old lady cleaning the office floors.

The counselor said to the rich lady,” I am going to ask this old lady how she found her happiness and listen to her”

The old lady lay her mop down, sat on the chair, and started telling her story.

” I was leading a very happy life with my husband and only son. But in a short span of six months, I lost my husband to a fatal illness and my son, who died in a car accident. In an instant, my life got destroyed. There was nothing left. I forgot how to smile, and my life lost all meaning. At one point, I even contemplated ending my life.

One evening as I returned from work, a little kitten followed me home. It was cold outside. I felt sorry for the little kitten and let it in. I gave it some warm milk in a bowl, and it licked it clean. It then purred and rubbed against my leg. For the very first time in months, I smiled.

I wondered to myself. Helping this little kitten has made me smile. Maybe doing something for people in need can make me happy.

So the next day, I cooked some food and fed a homeless person. After that, every day, I made it a habit to do something good for someone. I became happy by bringing happiness to others. Today, I don’t know anyone who sleeps better than I do.

I found my happiness by giving it to others.”

When the rich lady heard this story, she started tearing. She had everything that money could buy. But she lost something that money could not buy- her happiness. Thanks to the good-natured old lady, she discovered the secret.

When we make helping others an objective that is in the foreground of our life, we will see that our own pain coming from challenges and setbacks will go into the background. And, we will start experiencing a deep sense of joy and fulfillment.

This is the Math of our life. Our happiness multiplies when we divide our skills and capabilities to help others.

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