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Trust Your Intuition


Many years back, as a junior executive, I was managing a project in its critical stage. The project, which involved many cross-functional stakeholders, was encountering some issues, and I “felt” that I should inform the project sponsor about the impending Read more…

It’s A Matter Of Time

matter of time

Our life is an endless pursuit of desires and goals, and if we fail to materialize our desires, we experience a sense of disappointment and defeat. I’ve also encountered my fair share of disappointments along the way. That said, I’ve Read more…

Daily Is Easier

Daily is easier

It’s easier to do something daily rather than look to do the same thing a few times a week. Here is a counterintuitive proposition I want to share today based on my personal experience.  Three years back, just as I Read more…

The Other’s Perspective


Empathy is one of the most valuable traits one can possess. It is the ability to see something from the other person’s perspective. The more clearly you understand and appreciate the other’s viewpoint, the better you are at building trust Read more…

Weekend Story-Boundary


Once upon a time, on a serene island, resided two young boys. They spent most of the days repairing fishing nets and lobster traps. Their homes were located about a hundred meters from the island’s lighthouse, where towering cliffs of Read more…

Epictetus’ Wisdom


Epictetus, a prominent Stoic philosopher of ancient Greece, offers profound insights on living a virtuous and fulfilling life. Sharing six of my favorite thoughts from Epictetus.

Essence Of Leadership

In his book “Managing For The Future” published in 1992, Peter Drucker writes about the essence of leadership; he says that leadership is not about someone demonstrating some leadership qualities or charisma. Instead, the essence of leadership is to deliver Read more…

A Wandering Mind Is An Unhappy Mind

wandering mind

An SMS notification flares up on the phone. A question appears on the screen- How are you feeling right now? The respondents choose a number from between 0(very bad) to 100(very good). As soon as the response is sent, a Read more…

Don’t Lead By Intentions


“He wished he was nicer to people.”“She wanted to be more courageous.”“He hoped to do some good work at all the places he worked.”“He wanted to build a great business.”“She desired to be a role model for others.” The day Read more…

What Part Of The Problem Am I Responsible For?

what am i responsible for

Whenever something does not work out or something goes wrong, instead of blaming myself or someone else, I pause and ask myself this simple but extremely uncomfortable question- What part of this problem am I responsible for? When I ask Read more…