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Three Ways To Being More Effective In Challenging Conversations

Challenging Conversations

Thanks to the competitive world we live in today, many of us have this false assumption that the key to victory in any debate, negotiation, or argument is going into battle armed with airtight logic and rigorous data. As a Read more…

Confident Humility

Confident Humility

Many of us feel vulnerable about showing any sign of humility lest others see it as a sign of weakness. Somehow humility brings up the image of someone meek and submissive. In contrast to humility, we admire the idea of Read more…

Think Again. Be A Scientist

Be a scientist

We live in strange times. Whatever nation you may be from, over the last five, six years, the political discourse has become very divisive. I come from India, and any conversation with anyone about the socio-political situation is combative and Read more…