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Leader Or Follower ?

Leader or follower

Napoleon Hill, the author of the classic self-help book “Think and Grow Rich,” once said that the world has a habit of making room for a man whose words and actions show that he knows where he’s going. When you Read more…

Avoid Being A Task-Executor


One of the common issues I see many in workplaces struggling with is that they keep jumping into doing tasks right away without checking on why something needs to be done and to what end. They end up being great Read more…

Three Truths

three truths

If you are in any sort of people business- parenting, leading, project managing, etc.- there are three truths you need to accept.   If They Wanted To Or If They Could, They Would When the other person doesn’t do your bidding, Read more…

Weekend Story- The Smart Shoe-Shine Boy

Shoe-Shine Boy

A man was walking across downtown Manhattan when he came across a shoe-shine boy trying to catch his attention. “Two dollars for a shoe shine, two dollars for a shoe shine.” The gentleman kept walking, not paying attention. He crossed over to Read more…

6 Powerful Principles Of Persuasion

6 principles of persuasion

Whenever I get some free time, I follow a few leadership blogs to look for new perspectives and insights that challenge me to think better and help me become better.  I recently came across this brilliant advice from one of Read more…

Think Like The Bronze Medallist

Bronze Medallist

In 1995, researchers from Cornell University published the results of a path-breaking social study they conducted on Olympic champions. The researchers interviewed Olympic medallists to assess their personal satisfaction and happiness levels given their success at the altar of sporting Read more…

Uphill Aspirations Vs Downhill Habits

uphill habits

The celebrated author, speaker, and leadership coach John Maxwell often talks about uphill and downhill habits. Everything worthwhile in life-everything we want, everything we desire to achieve, everything we want to receive- is uphill. Unfortunately, the problem is that most Read more…

Know Yourself

know Yourself

Self-ignorance can be a massive obstacle to a meaningful life. It’s important to take the time to get to know yourself, your dreams, your desires, your fears, and your limitations, even if it means facing up to uncomfortable truths about Read more…

Become A Generative Leader


Want to experience more success and fulfillment in your career? Here is a simple mantra to adopt-Contribute to the growth and development of others. Personal accomplishment can take all of us some way down the road to success, but it’s Read more…

Weekend Story-Time


When asked what the biggest mistake we make in life is, the Buddha replied, The biggest mistake we make is that we think we have time. Time is free, but it is priceless. You can’t own it, but you can Read more…