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Weekend Story-Arrogance Of Knowledge


There was once a language scholar who was visiting a university that required him to cross a river. The scholar reached the river bank and engaged the services of a waiting ferryman with a small boat. As the boat crossed Read more…

Beware Of The Invented Problems !!

Invented problems

Every day, we encounter problems, and we look to solve them. When we problem-solve, we feel better because we move forward. Here’s the interesting thing, though, about problems. Not all issues are the same. Different problems have different flavors. Some Read more…

Anger-An Early Warning System


Why does one get angry? In the past week, I distinctly remember three instances where I was genuinely angry and upset. First, there was an argument with my wife about some decisions we couldn’t agree on. The second was when Read more…

Responsive Or Reactive ?


We often find ourselves toggling between two primary psychological modes: reactive and responsive. You can Imagine the reactive mode as a high-pressure situation – it’s the one that makes you feel stressed out. In this mode, you tend to snap Read more…

What Are You Good At?

what are you good at

I am a subscriber to  Seth Godin’s Blog, and whenever I come across a post that I find valuable, I retain a copy for future reference. Here is one from about 15 years back that I find myself going back Read more…

Three Ways To Handle Change


Here’s a thought… There are three ways we can deal with change. You can choose to be a “victim” of change- Everything was going well until the person or organization changed on me. They are to blame. You can “manage” Read more…

Persist In The Face Of Rejection


In the past week, I’ve had two separate conversations with acquaintances disheartened by being overlooked for internal career opportunities within their organizations. Frustrated and feeling undervalued, they reached out to me in seek guidance. My message to both of them Read more…

Weekend Story-The Valuable Pen

valuable pen

There was once a friend of JRD Tata who constantly complained about losing his pens. So, he always opted to buy cheap pens to avoid fretting over his careless tendency. JRD Tata had a suggestion for his friend. He told Read more…

Ten Tips For A Better Life

Good life

I am subscribed to a few valuable blogposts and newsletters for picking up on ideas for better living. I recently came across this brilliant blogpost https://conorbarnes.com/blog/tipsforabetterlife where the author Conor Barnes presents some intuitively original thoughts on living a good Read more…

Focus On Yourself

focus on yourself

I am in Singapore presently. A curious incident occurred this morning, while I waited in the hotel lobby for the taxi to arrive. A group of tourists standing nearby were engaged in an animated conversation, their whispers clearly audible. They Read more…