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It’s On You

It's On You

This is an idea on leadership that I have borrowed from Gary Vaynerchuk. If you are a leader and your team is not performing, it’s always on you.  Gary says solving the problem comes down to three things.   Then Read more…

Weekend Story-The Two Teams

Two Teams

Twenty days remained until the big game. Then, finally, the two teams made it to the finals after multiple rounds of intense competition. There was, however, an uneasy undercurrent that the university head coach felt. He observed a palpable build-up Read more…

Deep Work Vs. Shallow Work

Deep Work

When we are working on any task, we can approach it in two ways. Like it is ‘deep work’ or like it is ‘shallow work.’ Let’s look at an example. Imagine it’s a Sunday, and you are starting the new Read more…

You Are Never “Ready”

You are never ready

I was in a business conversation with a client this afternoon, and we were both grappling with issues in delivering a technical solution on time. The critical issue was that the users on the client side and engineering teams on Read more…

Five Balls Of Life

Five Balls Of Life

Browsing through my collection of great commencement speeches, I found an old reference to a famous address at Georgia Tech University by the ex-Coca-Cola CEO Brian Dyson about the ‘Five Balls of Life.’  This speech is one of the more Read more…

Worried About Doing Something? Think Process


How do you know if something will work if you are doing it for the first time? In exploring anything new, the cycle/the process is always the same. You start first by Deciding-> Then you do and experience-> Then you Read more…

Thirteen Mistakes

Thirteen Mistakes

In 1966, SLA Marshall, a General in the United States Army, wrote a groundbreaking book on military leadership titled The Officer As A Leader. His book, based on his experiences from the World War, examines the psychology of leadership and the Read more…

Be Generous With Your Attention

generous with attention

A few days ago, I was chatting with a senior industry leader and an ex-colleague. He talked to me about how much of his day goes into one-on-one conversations with members of his team and the organization at large and Read more…

Weekend Story- Hell Or Heaven ?

Hell or Heaven

A Rabbi once told his congregation a story about his tour to the heavens. His first stop on tour was Hell, and it wasn’t pleasant at all. Even though the tables were laden with delicious food, everyone looked pale and Read more…

Save Your Anger

save your anger

“I sent an email to them, and they have not responded- They don’t care.” My son commented. He seemed very upset. The father in me understood how my son was feeling, and I told him to be patient. “It’s a long Read more…