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Your Real Value

Real Value

Contribution-Friction=Real Value I learned of this equation when I was pretty early in my career. I had the good fortune of being promoted to a prominent role ahead of a couple of equally deserving colleagues. The other colleagues were just Read more…

Three Steps To Deal With Your Anxiety

Deal With Anxiety

When in a work setting, no matter what position you may be in, there will be many situations where you will feel a sense of anxiety. The source of the anxiety could be a looming deadline, lack of business traction, Read more…

Inversion- A Mental Model


Sometimes, when dealing with forward-looking goals, it’s not just about providing solutions but also removing obstacles. So when we think of attaining any goal, there are two elements we need to take care of- augmenting the forces for and removing Read more…

ABCD Of Change

ABCD of change

Developing and growing is a core need of every individual. We all want to change for the better. We all want to be better than we were yesterday. But, unfortunately, progress is never linear. It is haphazard. What should I Read more…

Four Things To Remember Everyday

Four Things To Remember

This morning a friend of mine shared a nice little video featuring a Buddhist monk speaking of four things all of us will do well to remember every day. We can move into the new week thinking about these four simple truths. Read more…

Words Of Wisdom


Here is a list of ten powerful quotes that we can all reflect on as simple mental models. I not only use all the brains that I have but all that I can borrow.  Woodrow Wilson We don’t have to Read more…

Worried About Exposing Your Flaws?


Every one of us suffers from different types of insecurities. We have things that we think make us look weak or bad- Not a good public speaker, not skilled enough, attractive enough, smart enough, analytical enough, etc. Unfortunately, because we Read more…

Four Credibility Building Habits


I have a habit of keeping a digital record of articles, blogs, and any interesting content that I believe provides some perspective that I can adopt as good practices. So I was reviewing my digital reference folder to get some Read more…

A Problem-Solving Tip


Imagine you are at your work desk reading some report when a colleague comes across and wants to take your guidance on dealing with a problem. Of course, you are happy to help him out. So you ask him to Read more…

Attributes That Matter


Recently, a friend and former colleague asked me for references of good people I know who might be interested in joining his team. The conversation took an interesting turn as my friend, and I started listing out what both of Read more…