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Two Truths

Two Truths

Nothing is free in life- particularly success. If you want to be successful in any pursuit, you have to pay a price. And the price you pay in terms of personal sacrifice, effort, pain, and disappointments is always directly proportional Read more…

Weekend Story- The Pastor’s Test

A lady in a small town once went to the Pastor and said, “Dear Pastor, I won’t be going to your church anymore..” The Pastor was surprised. This lady was a regular at the Church. “Why do you want to Read more…

Be Low Maintenance

low maintenance

As a manager, here’s my advice to all my team members: Be Low Maintenance. What does being low maintenance mean? You will be your manager’s hero If he/she can count on you to come in and do your job with little Read more…

Trust Your Intuition


Many years back, as a junior executive, I was managing a project in its critical stage. The project, which involved many cross-functional stakeholders, was encountering some issues, and I “felt” that I should inform the project sponsor about the impending Read more…

It’s A Matter Of Time

matter of time

Our life is an endless pursuit of desires and goals, and if we fail to materialize our desires, we experience a sense of disappointment and defeat. I’ve also encountered my fair share of disappointments along the way. That said, I’ve Read more…

The Other’s Perspective


Empathy is one of the most valuable traits one can possess. It is the ability to see something from the other person’s perspective. The more clearly you understand and appreciate the other’s viewpoint, the better you are at building trust Read more…

Epictetus’ Wisdom


Epictetus, a prominent Stoic philosopher of ancient Greece, offers profound insights on living a virtuous and fulfilling life. Sharing six of my favorite thoughts from Epictetus.

Change The Way You Live

lasting change

Discussing weight loss strategies and lamenting about lack and any visible change is something almost all of us have done at some point. James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, has a great message for all of us who struggle Read more…

A Wandering Mind Is An Unhappy Mind

wandering mind

An SMS notification flares up on the phone. A question appears on the screen- How are you feeling right now? The respondents choose a number from between 0(very bad) to 100(very good). As soon as the response is sent, a Read more…

Don’t Lead By Intentions


“He wished he was nicer to people.”“She wanted to be more courageous.”“He hoped to do some good work at all the places he worked.”“He wanted to build a great business.”“She desired to be a role model for others.” The day Read more…