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How Long Did Usain Bolt Take To Win The 100 Meters Gold ?

Usain Bolt

How long did it take Usain Bolt to win the 100 meters sprint Gold Medal in the Olympics? The obvious response is 9.58 seconds. The less obvious but more profound answer is twenty years. Twenty years of waking up every Read more…

Don’t Let Optics Override Outcomes

Optics over Outcomes

It is human nature to wish that everyone appreciates what we do. However, when this craving for external validation and approval is very high, we get into the terrible habit of choosing optics over outcomes. Signaling becomes everything. We are Read more…

Discipline Is Happiness


It was 5.30 pm on a Saturday, and I was done with most of my planned activities, except for some reading work and writing my Blog. My son suggested that we watch an episode of a recently released crime thriller Read more…