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Que Sera Sera

Once upon a time there lived an old farmer with his son and a horse.

One day the horse ran away, and all the farmer’s neighbors came over to console the farmer. “WE are sorry that your horse ran away, what lousy luck “

The farmer was a stoic man. He responded-“who knows if this is bad luck or good luck.”

“Of course its bad luck. This horse generated a source of income for you. Its no longer there”.

A few weeks passed, and the farmer’s horse came back with another ten wild horses in tow. The farmer was happy. The neighbors came over once again. “You need to throw a party- What good luck you have. You got back your horse and more”.

The farmer again responded-“Who knows if this is good luck or bad luck.”

A few more weeks passed. One day the farmer’s son was riding amongst the wild horses, and he fell and broke his hand” The village assembled at the farmer’s house. “What bad luck. Your healthy son had this accident.”

As usual, the farmer was steadfast-” Who knows if this good luck or bad luck.”

“We don’t know how you can be ok with this. Your son is hurt badly. It is bad luck.”

A couple of weeks went by and one day the King’s army marched into the village enlisting all the fit young men in the town to join the army that was going out to the distant lands to wage war.

All the villagers who saw their sons being taken away came over ” oh what stroke of good luck, your son had a broken arm. He is with you now.”

What else could the farmer say, but ” Who knows….”

I was reminded of this story I read, when I was young. We spend all our lives looking at everything that is happening to us and decide “this is bad for me” or “this is good for me” Something is labeled a lucky break, and something else is labeled a disaster. The reality is everything is a point of view. If you think it’s terrible, it’s terrible. The moment the point of view shifts, the same thing looks like it is not so bad.

Taking a rational and logical view of everything may not always be the best way to deal with life. Sometimes it is ok to take the view that whatever is happening was meant to be and to go with acceptance- This will allow us to be more peaceful and balanced in life.

All of us in society, along with our respective Governments, have a duty to do whatever it takes to come off of this crisis stronger. People need to be disciplined in maintaining social distancing, Governments and Industries need to be resolute and committed to creating a tenable plan for society and economy to recover after the health crisis subsides.

Like the farmer, we can say, ” Who knows if this Covid-19 is good or bad for humanity as a whole”. While everything seems dark and gloomy, maybe there is something positive that will come out of it. Que Sera Sera, what will be will be !! 

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  • There are no bad thoughts or good thoughts.There may be right actions and wrong actions, but there are only thoughts.
    A thought is not a matter for control; it is a matter for understanding.
    Understand that thoughts simply come and go in Awareness; they have no reality of their own!
    If this is the truth about yourself and the world, what self judgement can you make to become sad or happy?
    There is never any cause for sorrow or happiness.

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