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Stop Complaining And Start Appreciating

Whether it’s about some colleagues, our job, clothes, relationships, worldly situations, traffic, high prices, politics, etc.- There are times when we are constantly complaining about things around us. We make it a habit to speak ill about people and belittle them behind their backs.

“This person is always coming late.” “He never responds to my messages.” “These meetings are such a waste of time,” “He thinks he knows everything ” “I am always the one working, the rest of them are doing nothing” “she doesn’t deserve the promotion, what has she done” “did you see the kind of dress that person was wearing yesterday?”

A complaining mind is never peaceful. It is in a state of stress releasing unpleasant emotions and feelings.

Newton’s third law applies to our life energy as well.

When you complain and bitch, it is not solving anything. All that happens is that you will attract equal, if not more, negative energy into your life.

A grateful heart, on the other hand, is always peaceful. Gratitude is the ability to appreciate the good in everything around us. When you appreciate and have a sense of gratitude, you naturally attract more of the good into your life. Instead of complaining about what is not going right or what you think you deserve, focus on all the good that is there in your life.

Replace the attitude of complaining with an attitude of gratitude. There cannot be a simpler way to improve your satisfaction with life.

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