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Weekend Story-David & Goliath Retold

David Goliath

David was a small boy who one day decided to take on the giant Goliath in a one-on-one duel. He had only a slingshot and five stones as weapons, and he was ready to go to battle against a fierce giant who could crush him with the flick of a hand. 

Upon seeing his formidable foe, for a moment, fear gripped David. He thought, “He’s big. He looks mean and scary. And I am none of those things. I better run !!”

As he thought of fleeing, he suddenly remembered his father’s words-Negative thinking never produces positive results. 

David held his ground and turned his thoughts toward what he could do. Looking at the giant towering over him, he realized, in a flash of inspiration, “That guy is so big. He is such a sure target for my slingshot. There’s no way I can miss him.”

And thus, David slayed Goliath.

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