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Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling

My son, who plays the Violin, is preparing for an upcoming musical concert. I heard my wife telling him this evening, ” Why are you so serious when playing. Look up and smile. You are playing a beautiful piece of music. If you smile, your music will be more attractive.”

This message was profound. As I heard my wife say this, I realized that many of us are guilty of not smiling enough. We take ourselves far too seriously, stuck in our own emotional drama that we miss being happy. Lost in the routine of day to day work, we often lose the instinct to smile.

On the other hand, we naturally smile when we feel content and happy. When we smile, its a physical way of saying, “I am happy in this instant.”

Try this small test as you read this- Smile widely(let the smile reach your eyes). And, without losing this smile, think of something negative. It’s hard to bring out negative emotions, right?

When we smile, our brain sends a message to our body that “life is good,” which neutralizes the possibility of any negative emotions cropping up. A smile naturally elevates our mood.

Smiling has a circular reference to how we feel. If we feel good, we smile, and conversely, when we smile, we feel good.

A warm smile has the contagious power to spread positivity and make others feel good. And, in the process, it also elevates your own mood. When your mood is right, you are naturally more productive in whatever you are doing.

For such a significant benefit, all it takes just a little effort on your part. To smile consciously- the same advice my wife was giving my son.

So what are you waiting for? Smile 🙂 and light up your mood !!

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