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Start From Where The Other Person Is


A couple of weeks ago, a colleague handed me some work that I felt was below par, and I let my frustration show. Reflecting on the incident, I questioned whether my anger would truly motivate my colleague to improve his Read more…

Dealing With Setbacks

Dealing with Setbacks

Every one of us will encounter some form of real or perceived setbacks at some time or other in our lives. What must we do in those moments when nothing seems to be going our way? How do we rescue Read more…

Paradox Of Value

paradox of value

Today, the business landscape is abuzz with the mantra of ‘Delivering Value.’ Organizations are tirelessly seeking ways to enhance the value they provide, evaluating their people based on their value contribution. In the quest to deliver greater value to customers, Read more…

Increase The “Surface Area” Of Your Luck

surface area

Have you ever heard the advice, “Give yourself a lot of shots to get lucky”? At first glance, it might seem like a simple saying, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. This piece of wisdom Read more…

Where’s Your Focus

Where's your focus

Life operates in a circular reference. You choose what you’re looking for, and that is what you find. Conversely put, you find what you look for, consciously or unconsciously. So, do you opt for negativity or positivity? Are problems your Read more…

Friday Wisdom-Twelve Values

twelve values

Every Friday, I have a routine where I pause to think about the week that just went by. I ask myself if I’ve used my time and energy wisely. I also use this “me time” to remind myself of the Read more…

What Are You Good At?

what are you good at

I am a subscriber to  Seth Godin’s Blog, and whenever I come across a post that I find valuable, I retain a copy for future reference. Here is one from about 15 years back that I find myself going back Read more…

The Orange Metaphor

Orange metaphor

Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of the prominent leadership gurus, often used the metaphor of the orange to convey a profound message about human behavior and personal responsibility. Here’s how he would relate the story: “Imagine you’re holding an orange in Read more…

Weekend Story-Take Care Of Yourself First

Take Care of yourself

In a bustling village, there lived a solitary cobbler. He was the go-to person for delivering and repairing footwear for the entire town. His dedication to mending the shoes of others was unwavering, but amidst this tireless commitment, he neglected Read more…

Be(a)ware Of The “Knowing-Doing” Trap

knowing-doing trap

When it pertains to self-development, I am aware of many passionate individuals who possess a wealth of knowledge and insights about personal growth, goal achievement, and life enhancement. Many of them understand these concepts intellectually but often find themselves trapped Read more…