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Don’t Be Shy


A multinational organization has an Annual Sales Conference where all the achievers assemble to celebrate the best amongst themselves. Every year the glittering ceremony ends with the best salesperson across all divisions being awarded the “Superstar of the Year.”

For the previous five years, one individual has been winning the coveted “Superstar” title.

This year too, the same pattern continues. The “Superstar” award goes to the same person. 

On the Awards Night, the winner goes up the stage to receive the award and give his acceptance speech.

“First of all, thank you for the award. It is a great privilege to be receiving it. I see some of you wondering how I have been winning the award for the last five years. I feel the time has come for me to share my secret with you all.”

Saying this, the winner takes out an envelope from his pocket and tells the audience. 

” In this envelope, I have written down the formula for my success. I want to share it with all of you. But anything given free will never have value. So I am going to auction my secret to the highest bidder. There is only one condition. The highest bidder must open the envelope only after going home.

I will donate the funds I receive from the highest bidder to a charity of my choice.

Let’s start the bidding from a base price of $50.”

The auction happens in real earnest. $50, $75, $100…….$750 Once, Twice- The final bidder gets the envelope for $750.

The winner of the bid can’t wait to get home and open the envelope and figure out the secret of success.

He gets home and opens the envelope to find a piece of paper with this message scribbled.

The Formula For Success = ASK

So many of us don’t ask for what we desire. We have our mental blocks, worried about facing rejection.

“What if the other person refuses” or “What if she says NO” or “What if my proposal is rejected.”

We end up rejecting ourselves without giving the world a chance to reject us.

The world might reject you multiple times with a NO, but you need just one YES to get what you want. That one YES could be the trigger for your transformation, your success, and achievement.

This is the simple secret that the ace salesperson was sharing with everyone- Don’t be shy, don’t fear rejection. Don’t let your desires die inside your head. Take the effort to vocalize them and ask. Only when you do that do you stand a chance at success.

So, ASK for the order, ASK for the payment, ASK for the business, ASK for the Investment, ASK for the relationship, ASK for abundance, or anything else you seek.

Whether you get what you ASK for does not matter. First, have the heart to ASK.

The world will oblige you if you are willing to ASK.

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