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Trust Yourself To The Water

Trust Yourself To The Water

To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float. ==================================== There can be no better Read more…

Wise Old Owl

Wise Old Owl

A wise old owl lived in an oak, The more he saw, the less he spoke The less he spoke, the more he heard, Now, wasn’t he a wise old bird?

Consistency Beats Intensity


The kind of life you are leading today is a compounded consequence of all choices you have exercised all your life-up until this moment. The tricky thing with our day-to-day choices is that the consequences are never evident in the Read more…

Data And Decision Making

Data and Decision making

There is a difference between data and information. Data is a collection of facts, while Information is the organization, analysis, and interpretation of the facts. We make our decisions and choices based on the information we have. Data is everywhere, Read more…

Colin Powell’s Thirteen Rules

Thirteen Rules

Colin Powell was the first black U.S. Secretary of State. (Despite the smoking gun fiasco at the UN that led to the Iraq war!!) In the foreword to his acclaimed memoir It Worked For Me: In Life And Leadership, Colin Read more…

Don’t Try To Change Others


Whether you are a busy business executive dealing with a colleague who never sticks to deadlines, a frustrated customer seeking a response to repeated complaints, or a parent trying to get your teenager to be more compliant, we often find Read more…

My Ten Favourite Khalil Gibran Messages

Khalil Gibran

My introduction to Khalil Gibran, the Lebanese American writer, and philosopher, was through one of his classics, The Prophet. The book is a collection of Khalil Gibran’s poetic musings on a variety of topics like love, giving, work, joy, sorrow, Read more…

Twelve Ideas For A Good Career

Twelve Ideas

My elder son will soon be entering the workforce. As he starts over, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the lessons I have taken from my career. Hopefully, he will find them helpful as Read more…

Ignore The Wrong Criticism

Not all criticism is the same. I think we should all develop the ability to ignore criticism that does not help us improve our work. It should not bother you if someone does not like an article you wrote or Read more…

Weekend Story-The Gardener And The Weed


There was once a gardener who was devoted to his toil and his garden. He grew different plants, and his garden was always lush green and abundant, overflowing with flowers and fruits. One day, as he was walking through his Read more…