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Do The Right Thing Even When No One Is Watching

Do the right thing

I am sure many can relate to this.

You are in a meeting with your teammates. A colleague is presenting something, and everyone is doing their own thing. Someone is checking emails while someone else is checking Instagram on the phone. Your boss comes into the meeting, and immediately everyone becomes attentive. After the boss comes into the meeting, there is that one smart colleague who becomes very active, asking intelligent questions, clearly trying to impress the boss.

This one person who became active when the boss entered was asking the right questions and doing the right thing, BUT it was only because the boss was there.

Another example. Many times people contribute to charity in terms of donating their money or effort. And, they also make it a point to leave their name and a selfie for everyone else to notice.

Why? Because they want others to know that they are doing something good.

If you are doing something good, but deep down, your underlying intention is always for other people to notice, you are letting yourself down.

If you are doing something genuinely good, then do it in a manner where it does not matter whether anyone else knows about it or not.

Do the right thing even when no one is watching you or validating what you are doing. That is the sign of someone self-assured.

It is normal for all of us to want people to think well of us and good deeds will always get noticed without you having to try very hard.

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