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A Powerful Way To Add Value-Taking Initiative


In 2017, Seth Godin wrote a brilliant Blog titled Three ways to add value. I am reproducing below the Blog.


“Tasks, decisions, and initiation…

Doing, choosing, and starting…

Each of the three adds value, but one is more prized than the others.

Tasks are set up for you. Incoming. You use skill and effort to knock em down one at a time and move to the next one.

Decisions often overlap with tasks. There are alternatives, and you use knowledge and judgment to pick the best one.

And initiation is what happens when you start something out of nothing, break the pattern, launch the new thing and take a leap.

When we think about humans who have made change happen, institutions who have made a difference, cultural shifts that have mattered, we must begin with initiation.

What value-add did you spend yesterday engaged in? How about tomorrow? “


There are two types of people generally. Those who coast along, going with the flow, looking for others to tell them what to do. And those who strive to add value, raise the bar, and make a difference in whatever setting they operate.

If you belong to the category of people seeking to add value and making a difference, you need to learn the art of taking initiative – by exerting emotional labor, taking small risks, being willing to go wrong, doing what is required even when no one is watching, all to bring your ideas to life. 

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