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Enjoy What You Do

Kids are anxious about how they will do in their final exams. Professionals are worried about their year end goals and annual appraisals. Business owners are anxious about whether they will be able to convince the investors to make the investment. In our hyper competitive world, everyone is constantly worrying about some outcome or the other. 

Sure, pursuing and attaining our goals is important. Goals and results propel us to do more. But there is a problem if we are constantly thinking about the outcomes in the future and whether our efforts are delivering results.

When we overthink about results, we become short sighted. Instead of focusing on what we have to do, we start worrying about whether what we will do will deliver results or not. Always thinking about goals and outcomes is a total buzzkill and distracts us from enjoying what we do.

So, instead of worrying about whether some result will happen or not, focus fully on what you have to do right now, and do your best.

The best gift we can all give ourselves is to focus on the present and enjoy the work while we are doing it. There is nothing more gratifying and satisfying than showing up fully involved and giving our best without worrying about the results!!

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