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Commit to Personal Growth

In a material sense, I say I am growing if I get a promotion, when I buy a house, get a degree, start or sell a business, scale a mountain, achieve financial goals etc. When there is some achievement that is moving me from Position A to Position B and in the conventional viewpoint of society if the position B is seen to be more aspirational , more difficult to attain, I see that as growth.

Personal growth on the other hand is different.

“It is that state of improvement I experience personally when I focus consciously to learn something that I do not know, through positive, committed and consistent action.”

Personal growth comes from personal development. It requires motivation, the desire to improve, and the willingness to learn and strive to grow. As I grow , I see myself in a better place intellectually, emotionally, morally, physically and spiritually.

I am able to deal with my environment more effectively by improving my thinking process, my behavior, my habits, and my actions.

Unfortunately, Personal growth is more subtle than material growth. In the past I had this tendency to pursue and acquire “things” and “stuff” to convince myself that I was growing. I did not know that the path to any material growth was in my personal growth.

My truth today is this- When I focus on my personal growth, everything else finds a way to fall in place.

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