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Change The Way You Live

lasting change

Discussing weight loss strategies and lamenting about lack and any visible change is something almost all of us have done at some point. James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, has a great message for all of us who struggle Read more…

A Wandering Mind Is An Unhappy Mind

wandering mind

An SMS notification flares up on the phone. A question appears on the screen- How are you feeling right now? The respondents choose a number from between 0(very bad) to 100(very good). As soon as the response is sent, a Read more…

Don’t Lead By Intentions


“He wished he was nicer to people.”“She wanted to be more courageous.”“He hoped to do some good work at all the places he worked.”“He wanted to build a great business.”“She desired to be a role model for others.” The day Read more…

Avoid The Two Happiness Traps

Happiness Traps

A reminder to myself as I go into the weekend. Avoid these two happiness traps. One- Don’t try to please others through your actions. It’s futile. It’s not your job. To each his own. Everyone’s satisfaction is in their own Read more…

Work Ethic

work ethic

This afternoon, a friend shared a YouTube link featuring an interview with Michael Phelps. In the short clip, Micheal Phelps, one of the greatest swimmers of all time, shares details about what gave him the edge over his competitors. I Read more…

Don’t Worry About Fitting In

Fitting in

We’ve been conditioned to believe success comes from fitting in and playing it safe. But in reality, true success lies in embracing your uniqueness and expressing it boldly, even if it feels risky. You have skills, experiences, and perspectives that Read more…

Making Things Happen

make things happen

“Getting things done” and “Making things happen” may sound similar, but they have different implications. You are “Getting things done” when you complete tasks, tick off to-do lists, and fulfill responsibilities. It’s a necessary aspect of productivity but not enough Read more…

The Four Questions

Four Questions

James Allen, a success coach, productivity guru, and author of the brilliant book Getting Things Done, lays out on simple mantra for anyone wanting to get better at whatever they do. He says “For true success, ask yourselves these four Read more…

Five Laws Of Giving

five laws of giving

Can we all adopt some laws and principles to create a successful and fulfilling life and career? I got an answer to this question when I recently read “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann. The book presents a Read more…

Four Villains Of Decision Making

Four Villains

This is an idea from the book Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath. Narrow Framing: When making a decision, this is our tendency to define our choices too narrowly, where we see them in binary terms. Imagine you are going Read more…