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Notice The Gradual

notice the gradual

As individuals, we all naturally respond to the urgent and important at the expense of anything relevant but gradual. It is similar to the metaphor of the frog, which, when placed in boiling water, will jump out immediately because of Read more…

Help Them Succeed

Help them succeed

Dr. John Maxwell, the world-renowned leadership coach, says something profound about leadership –“The point of leading is not to cross the finish line first; it’s to take people across the finish line with you.” No matter what level you may Read more…

Weekend Story-Destiny Is In Your Hands

Destiny in hands

High in the Himalayan mountains lived a wise old man. Periodically, he ventured down into the local village to entertain the villagers with his special knowledge and talents. One of his skills was to psychically tell the villagers the contents Read more…

Beware Of The Red Carpet Syndrome

red carpet syndrome

“I’m really smart. I’m talented. I work hard. And I’m graduating from a top university. So why shouldn’t I get the best breaks? And why do you keep pushing me as if I am not doing enough?” My son sometimes snaps Read more…

Overcome “Starting” Trouble

starting trouble

Ironically, the most challenging part of starting anything new is “starting.” You might be holding off from the job hunting process, deferring the unveiling of your long-desired Vlog, or hesitating to apply for that scholarship—all because you are listening to Read more…

Make Success Your Teacher

success teacher

When we fail at something, we immediately get into a post-mortem mode. What happened? Why did we not get the results? What is the root cause of the issue? Who is responsible? Etc. We “learn” from our mistakes and then Read more…

Dealing With A MicroManager


Last weekend, I had a scheduled conversation with a mentee, and he spilled the beans about his new boss – a nit-picking micromanager. The poor guy had grown comfortable with the laid-back working style of his old boss, and the Read more…

Keep Your Ego At Bay


Success can many times feed our egos. When we accomplish something meaningful in our professional lives, we start building ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world. We begin to see everything through the lens of our narrow ego-driven beliefs Read more…

Weekend Story-Happiness


After years of dedicated service, David was appointed the new Finance Director at an intimate reception hosted by the CEO. David’s wife Anita and spouses of other senior management were also present at the function. As the evening progressed, Ann, Read more…

Personal Responsibility

personal responsibility

It doesn’t matter if you are leading yourself, a project, or a team- You are taking responsibility. If something goes wrong or does not happen as per expectation, it’s your problem. Choosing to lead means being ready for the link Read more…