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Be Generous With Your Attention

generous with attention

A few days ago, I was chatting with a senior industry leader and an ex-colleague. He talked to me about how much of his day goes into one-on-one conversations with members of his team and the organization at large and Read more…

Weekend Story- Hell Or Heaven ?

Hell or Heaven

A Rabbi once told his congregation a story about his tour to the heavens. His first stop on tour was Hell, and it wasn’t pleasant at all. Even though the tables were laden with delicious food, everyone looked pale and Read more…

Save Your Anger

save your anger

“I sent an email to them, and they have not responded- They don’t care.” My son commented. He seemed very upset. The father in me understood how my son was feeling, and I told him to be patient. “It’s a long Read more…

It’s My Fault !!

It's my fault

If you want to be great at dealing with issues and problem solving, there is one simple mantra to follow. Make everything your fault. When you think of everything as your fault, you essentially hold yourself completely accountable for everything Read more…

Are You “Above The Line”?

Above the line

If you are a leader, it is essential to acknowledge that everyone around is watching you for how you are behaving and operating at all times. What you do and how you behave directly impact those around you, and often Read more…

Be Interested

Be Interested

Something most people strive to do through their work or in the way they engage with the people around them is to gain the attention of others.  Many often make the mistake of thinking that the more they speak, the Read more…

Go After Your Top Goal Everyday

top goal

In most workplaces, there are always some fires burning. One of the most common challenges many people encounter daily in the workplace is that they seem to have infinite things to do, yet weeks go by, and they don’t feel Read more…

What’s Your Commitment ?


A mentee recently reached out to me with a business plan that he was pursuing. He was looking for some validation from me. “Can you please look at my business plan and let me know what you think?” he said, opening his Read more…

The Less You Speak….

speak less

There is a saying –The more you tell, the less you sell. Whether with my kids or my superiors or colleagues and teammates, whenever I get into an unconscious tendency to tell, talk or preach more, the less persuasive and Read more…

Beware Of Blind Conformance

Blind Conformance

I recently came across a rivetting TED Talk by James Surowiecki titled “the power and the danger of online crowds.” The core thesis of this talk is that as people, when we act en masse, there is a collective intelligence Read more…