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There Is Never A Perfect Moment

There have been many times when I have held myself back from doing something, because I was waiting for the right time.

I can’t because…

  • I am not ready yet, let me prepare some more and then….
  • There is too much going on. Let things settle down a little, then….
  • I have not saved enough to take this risk, let me save a little more and then….

The reality is that there is never a perfect moment. Whenever I have held back, waiting for the so called “right time”, all I have experienced is regret and a feeling of stagnation.

There is no “right time”.

Today, whenever I catch myself saying “I Can’t because…” , I know there is some fear that is holding me back. There is some form of resistance.

The more I try to rationalise this, the more complicated it becomes and the more paralysed I am.

I have found a simple solution for this problem-

I just take a leap of faith and jump headlong into whatever it is that I want to do.

Strangely, ever since I have started doing this , the lesser I am finding myself saying “I Can’t because…”

Zig Ziglar one of the many inspirational teachers I follow said something very powerful-

“You don’t have to be great to start , but you certainly have to start to be great”

If you feel you are capable of doing something , but you feel you are not ready yet- There is no better time to start then now- Your greatness is in the action you take, NOW!!

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