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What Do You Believe About Yourself?

My Belief:I am great at Problem Solving

My Reality: I solve problems very well

My Belief: I am not good at networking

My Reality: I struggle at networking

My Belief: I am not very good at writing.

My Reality:I could never start writing

My Belief: I can write great stuff

My Reality: I write great stuff.

The reality I experience is shaped by the prism of my beliefs.

What is a belief? It is something that I believe to be true. My upbringing, my experiences, my environment- They all play a role in creating my belief system. I have many empowering beliefs . I also have some limiting beliefs.

If I believe I am amazing, I become amazing. If I believe I am weak, I become weak. If I believe something to be true, it becomes my truth.

My beliefs shape my thinking, My thinking shapes my actions. My actions shape the reality I experience.

I believe that I have the power to shape my beliefs. So nowadays I focus on feeding my belief system with every thing powerful, while learning to ignore my limiting beliefs.

I am what I believe.

I am great, I speak great, I look great, I write great, I sell great. I am good. I am a great parent. I enjoy a great life. I am organised. I can inspire.

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