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Life Is Good

All human endeavor is towards having a feeling of well being.

When I want to work, more than the work, it is the feeling of being productive that is driving me.

When I want to go out to earn money, I am looking for the feeling of security that comes from having money.

When I get into a relationship, it is the feeling of connection that I am seeking.

When I seek a promotion, It is the feeling of self-worth and growth I am going after.

When I punish myself through an intense morning workout, it is for the feeling of being healthy and worthy.

We experience life through our feelings.

We feel good when things go our way in matters of career, health, relationships, money matters.

We feel low when we experience suffering of some sort- Death, illness, financial setbacks, relationship issues etc.

When our mindset is anchored to a core belief that our life is good today, it always has been good and it will continue being good in the future; life moves smoothly. We can deal with any suffering with confidence, knowing that eventually life will turn out to be good.

If we acknowledge that life is good, the feeling of well being follows automatically.

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