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Nature Is Giving A Signal

This morning I was looking at a flowering tree in my backyard as the early sun rose from behind it. The rays of the sun filtered through the gaps in the branches and leaves, creating a beautiful picture of a tree painted on nature’s canvas with the sun as the backdrop.

The image captured my imagination. I observed the tree closely. The delicate branches were swaying to the soft morning breeze while the leaves were dancing and rustling as if speaking in a tree language with me. There were are a couple of tiny birds nestled amongst the stems chirping in gay abandon. The tree was symmetrical, with branches radiating out on both sides in a consistent arc. But there were also a couple of rogue stems that did not comply with the symmetry. They were doing their own thing. It did not matter that the branches were interfering with balance. The tree was perfect to my eyes, as I observed it for the first time in the many years I have been living here.

If it’s true of the tree, it is true of humans and all other living beings of this earth. Every living entity like the tree is a perfect creation of the universe.

We are all so self-obsessed in our own “me-centered” existence that we miss recognizing the apparent perfection of nature.

Galileo was wrong. For every one of us, the world does not revolve around the sun. It revolves around us individually.

We see everything from the perch of our self-centered perspective. Is this good or bad for me? We look to transact with everything around us- society, people, nature.

It has taken two weeks of lock-down to get this realization going within me.

We all have a life to live. When the situation returns to normalcy, we are all hoping to get back to our regular routines that we spent a lifetime cultivating.

Only this time, instead of going back as the same person, can we go back as someone better?

Like the tree with the bent and broken branches, get comfortable with your imperfections. Take the negative and through the photosynthesis of your mind, give out the oxygen of positive deeds. Be a sanctuary for people less fortunate than you. Share your fruits and provide shade to those who need your help. Recognize that you are perfect the way you are. You are natures creation.

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