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Random Musings

Something interesting happened a few days back. I got a Whatapp forward from my uncle that gave a link to some old Telugu(my mother tongue) classic movies. After the day ended, I clicked the link and started watching a film made in 1955. It was a Black and White movie. Everything about the movie was Old World- the storytelling, the sensibilities, the acting, the pacing. However, that did not matter. The film made for compelling viewing, and I was engrossed. 

My son saw me silently transfixed to my mobile with my headphones, and he came across to see what I was doing. He was surprised.

“What is it that you are watching. It’s so boring. How can you watch an old Black and White Movie? That, too, with so much interest. Instead of wasting Time on this, why don’t we watch another episode of Money Heist.”

It set in motion a wacky and random thought process. Why is my son not able to relate to the movie I was watching.

Because he is a new generation kid.

For my generation, the world has changed.

  • Black and White have given way to High Definition color.
  • Analog phones have given way to smartphones.
  • Books have given way to podcasts and audio-books.
  • Outdoor games have given way to video-games.
  • Computers have given approach to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Cameras have given way to camera phones.
  • Sedate has given way to action, thrill, excitement.  
  • Simple has given way to complex.
  • Face to face catch up has given way to texting and chatting.
  • Waiting has given way to instant gratification.

The world around has changed, but have I changed as much as the world has changed?

The current generation of kids starts their life journey with the new. My son, before he was five years old, was a pro on using the smartphone or the tablet. He does not have to struggle with change in any way. He is the change. He is programmed for the new age.

On the other hand, I have to change and evolve to deal with the current. 

He is like the latest hand-phone model with an auto upgrade functionality. I am an old model upgrading its software every so often to keep pace.

When my son grows up to be my age, what change would he have seen in his life? 

  • Maybe there will be no more global warming thanks to Covid-19.
  • Maybe Time travel will be the new-age holiday.
  • Maybe everyone will become accomplished at meditation to access higher levels of consciousness to deal with the new world.
  • Maybe the world of Star Trek will be a reality with Interstellar travel
  • Possibly Doctors for the mind may be more in demand than doctors for the body.
  • Maybe AI will solve all medical problems.
  • Maybe computers as an external device will cease to exist. A computer will be inside us helping us live life more efficiently and without any disease.
  • Maybe movies will become interactive changing the narrative according to individual visualization.
  • Maybe the world will become more peaceful and more harmonious.

What if we find we are not alone in the universe. If there are other human-like species out there that we can communicate with, how would that change the way we operate. Maybe the distinction of rich, poor, nations, communities, languages will all vanish. We will all become one identity-humans.

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