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Celebrate The Good You Have

I can only give what I have.

  •  If I have clarity, I can give clarity to others.
  • If I have confidence in myself, I can inspire confidence in others.
  • If I feel abundant myself, I can transmit the feeling of abundance.
  • If I feel love and compassion towards myself, I can show love and compassion to others.
  • If I feel diffident, I will spread diffidence.
  • If I feel negative, I will transmit negativity.
  • If I feel fear, I will spread fear.
  • If I feel like I don’t have enough, I will transmit scarcity.
  • If I am disciplined, I will radiate discipline for others to emulate.

I cannot share with others what I don’t have. Anything I want to give others and the world at large has to be in me first.

I am creating value when I give out anything positive and good. 

I am eroding value when I am transmitting something negative and bad. 

I cannot transmit goodness if I don’t feel like there is good in me. All of us are guilty of not appreciating ourselves enough. We are all busy shining the spotlight on our flaws and weaknesses. So take a little time out for yourself and shower yourself with appreciation for the good you have in you. Celebrate yourself.

2 Replies to “Celebrate The Good You Have”

  • This is a paradigm-shifting thought. It’s so clear with money and physical possessions – I can only spend the money I have or give someone a book that I have, not something I don’t have. It’s strange how we don’t think of this concept when it comes to the intangibles. Thank you for opening my eyes!

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