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Who Are You On The Inside?

It is human nature to be concerned about how we look and appear to others. When we live our life affected by what others think about us, we are worried about our reputation.

Reputation is how others see our outside. It is how others see our external personality.

  • She is a great leader.
  • He is very task-oriented.
  • That person is a go-getter
  • People see me as a problem solver
  • You are great at execution
  • Some are untrustworthy
  • Someone else is very harmful.

If reputation is our external face, our inner face is our character.

It is how I see myself in my own eyes. My opinion about myself is a reflection of my character. Integrity, courage, confidence, wisdom, perseverance, and honesty are some of the character traits we possess in different proportions. Our character is our own making. Unlike our DNA which we are born with, character is something we create within ourselves through the choices we make.

Trying to focus on actions that seek to create a positive impression on others is hypocritical and futile if we don’t invest in growing from inside. One can have an impressive reputation. It means nothing if the character is not in alignment and harmony with who one really is.

When we enhance and strengthen our character, slowly but surely, it will have an impact on our external reputation. Growth on the inside precedes any growth on the external front.

Personal Development is about sharpening and enhancing the inner character. There is no external measure of reference for this. Only you know if you are growing or not. Character building is a solitary pursuit that everyone goes through in life. Did you play the game of Life well, did you live a life aligned to your values, did you lead of a life of integrity that others seek to emulate- At the end of your life, whether you look back at your life with pride or with regret is entirely in your own hands, based on how you have lived in your own eyes.

The great John Wooden once said: “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you areā€¦the true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” 

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