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Weekend Story- The Wisdom Of The Moutain


In ancient China, atop a mountain stood a temple where an enlightened zen master lived. Amongst his many disciples, there was one committed disciple named Lao-Li, who was very bright and ambitious. Lao-li wanted to attain enlightenment.  Years passed in Read more…

Do One

Do One

I came across this funky Portuguese proverb on one of my social feeds that offers a simple recipe for success: “Think of many things. Do one.” Simple and powerful.  At any point, our heads are crowded with lots of thoughts, ideas, and Read more…

Weekend Story-The Answers Have Changed

The answers have changed

In 1942, Albert Einstein was teaching at Princeton University, and he once administered an exam to his 2nd-year students of Theoretical Physics. Later in the day, he was walking on the campus with one of his senior assistants when all Read more…

Know Your Quality


When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you’re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. You’ll know it’s there, so you’re Read more…

Avoid The Comfort Of Being Average

Avoid Being Average

Many of us have a natural tendency to focus on what we are comfortable doing and avoid anything that feels difficult and uncomfortable. This attitude is particularly true in workplaces. People tend to play safe, shying away from anything that Read more…

Weekend Story- The Glass And The Lake

Glass and lake

An unhappy young lady once went to a wise old master seeking guidance to be happier. Pointing to a can of salt on the table, the wise master asked the unhappy young lady to pick up a fistful of salt Read more…

Are You Intellectually Humble?

intellectually humble

If someone were to ask me this question, my instinctive reaction would always be, “no way, I am intellectually humble,” whatever that may mean. The truth would be different if someone else were asked to comment about my intellectual demeanor. Read more…

Freudenfreude vs Schadenfreude


In most relationships, there will come a time when you will desire what the other person has or gets. When we encounter situations where others get something good, many of us cannot help or stop comparing ourselves to their state. Read more…

Change Happens In Five Stages

Change happens in five stages

Change: Some people want to make a change in their lives, and they know what it should be. Many others have vague ideas about what they want to change about themselves. However, they are not sure. What needs to change?  But Read more…

Weekend Story- The Old Man And The Businessman

Old Man and businessman

There was once a businessman who was deep in debt and struggling to stay afloat. Creditors were stalking him constantly, demanding that he pay his dues. Desperate and hoping to keep away from the creditors, the businessman escaped to a Read more…