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Weekend Story- The Old Man And The Businessman

Old Man and businessman

There was once a businessman who was deep in debt and struggling to stay afloat. Creditors were stalking him constantly, demanding that he pay his dues. Desperate and hoping to keep away from the creditors, the businessman escaped to a Read more…

Your Fear Is Proportional To The Importance You Attach

Fear is proportional

There is an important sales pitch coming up. The deal is significant and will have a big impact on the trajectory of my business. I am tensed, and all sorts of negative chatter is happening in my head. What if Read more…

My 21 Rules Of Life To Guide Me In 2022

21 Rules of life

In 2020, I wrote about the Ten Rules Of My Life- a manifesto of the important values I use as a GPS to live my best life. As I keep taking in new experiences, new people, new conversations, and new Read more…

Have A Shoshin (初心) Mindset


In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities; in the expert’s, there are few. Zen Master Zhunryo What we know gets in the way of what we need to learn. George Gan When I am a beginner at something, my Read more…

Responsibility Fault Fallacy

Responsibility Fault Fallacy

When it comes to problems, many are often reluctant to take responsibility because they believe that to be responsible for the problems means also being at fault for the problems. Responsibility and fault often go hand in hand in our Read more…

It’s All In How We Judge Something Or Someone

How We Judge

It’s not people, things, or circumstances that upset us, but how we think about them. Stuff always happens. We then make judgments in our heads about what happens. For example, if we judge something awful has occurred, we might get Read more…

Confucian Wisdom

Confucian Wisdom

I first got introduced to Confucian wisdom when one of my mentors quoted him while giving me feedback about having a sense of direction and presence. That quote is permanently etched in my memory – ” to know where you are Read more…

Coach Yourself To Deal With Your Ruminations


We all have this unfortunate tendency to keep ruminating about upsetting and distressing things, and we do it in entirely unproductive ways. “I have so much work to do.”” I am so stressed. My research work is not moving well.”“Why Read more…

Rule No 6

Rule No 6

In the face of difficulty, we can despair, get angry ……..Or choose possibility. This is the essence of one of the most practical yet inspiring and uplifting books in my library- The Art of Possibility by Rosamund and Benjamin Zander. Read more…

Three Prerequisites To Drive Change

Drive Change

A few weeks back, I was in a conversation with a young mentee to discuss a challenge she was encountering. She had just joined a new organization in a leadership role and wanted to introduce some changes to the operating Read more…